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Hi @b20ws, Check out Vye: Automated Email Alerts app. It sends automated emails about new and updated products. When customers search for items on your store, they can sign up to receive email updates when you add a new product or update an existing ...
Vye: Automated Email Alerts allows customers to sign up for notifications of product properties like tags, variants and so on. If you add the warehouse location to every item, customers can subscribe to it and get notifications when there are updates...
Hi @PowrUpGaming,If you have not been able to get the Restock Alerts App working on the new theme and are open to trying a new app, check out Vye. It will let you import existing subscribers and they will get notified when you update your products.
Hi @fairhopeCC,If you are looking for stock level alerts, take a look at the app recommended by @dpavlutin.If you are looking for product level alerts, check out Vye: Automated Email Alerts.
There is now an option for customers to subscribe to collections.
Do you sometimes come across a well-designed Shopify store and wondered what theme they were using?You can find out what theme a Shopify shop is using here:
Hi Chris, hier kannst Du herausfinden welches Theme der Store verwendet: VGDeJoy 
Maybe the README of the module will help you:
Do you use a newsletter signup on your store to collect email addresses and send product updates to your subscribers? Vye: New Product Notifications app can help you save time by doing that automatically for you and more. Main features of the app:Cre...
You could add some code to your theme to disable the download via right click but visitors of your store will still be able to take screenshots of the photos. You could instead only show a preview of your work with a transparent logo of your shop ove...
Hi @sumiviveThose are not instructions for merchants but for the reviewers. You have to include instructions, credentials, and other important pieces of information so your app can be tested and reviewed.
Hi @tslife  I'm currently working on adding notifications via SMS and allowing subscribers to choose how often they want to receive notifications. I will also look into integrating collections as part of the subscription options. Thank you for all th...
I have added an option to change the justification/alignment of the whole section. See the screenshot below. If you do not see the same options delete your browser cache and reload the page. The font of the form is the same font used in your current ...
Hi @tslife  Thanks for the clarification. The section can be customized in your theme and not in the app settings. If you go to Customize Theme in the Shopify Admin and you select the app, the section will be added to the page and you will be able to...
I think you need the write_orders scope to be able to add tags to orders.
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