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Hi All, My current website is which is set to base currency as USD. I want to set up sub-domain that points to the Indian region. When a user in India, browses, they are routed to a sub-domain version website that ...
Hi Ketan, Below is the code : {{ 'section-image-banner.css' | asset_url | stylesheet_tag }}{%- if section.settings.image_height == 'adapt' and section.settings.image != blank -%}{%- style -%}@media screen and (max-width: 749px) {#Banner-{{
Hi there, I want to create a banner image something like below sample. I am add to almost everything except a  subheading/subtitle ( H2O Dreams as in below case) to my banner image and am using dawn theme. Appreciate any suggestions or potential fix....
Hi @KetanKumar Where should exactly, I place this code in main-product.liquid?
@KetanKumar  Thank for your help. Here's the URL : 
Hi everyone,I am working on Dawn theme and unable to figure out on how to add back, next button and show all products icon to product pages, something as in below screenshot. I need to launch my website in a few days and stuck on this, appreciate any...
Hey,This didn't work out neither. Not very sure what's the issue.
Hey, this still don't work. I am trying this in base.css file, hope that's correct?
@SocialAutoPost  Thank you for the solution for collection page. However, for navigation - About Us, Ready-to-wear etc. I can still see underline on hover.
Hi,Thank you for the solutions. However, I can still see underline on navigation links and the product titles as you can see in below images: 
Sure, here it is:
Can anyone advise how to remove the underlines when hovering over links in the header, footer and product titles of the dawn theme?  I have tried all the possible solutions available in Shopify discussion threads, but nothing is working out.  @oscpro...
Hi Ketan,Link to website is ANJUM KHAN (
Hi, I am currently using Dawn theme for my store and want to change the default product page to show two images in the first row rather than one, as it is set up by default. It is difficult to have to scroll down the first large image to see the rema...
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