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THanks these solutions are not free....  there is a new tool in shopify now called "workflow" is it possible to create emails send to customer with this tool ? Thanks
HiIs it possible to create a email flow for this purpose.For example a client order a necklace with a heart.15 days later I'd like to send him automaticely an email where I propose the bracelet with the heart.Is it possible ?Thanks in advance for you...
Dear Santhanks for your help.I did but it doesn't work Any clue ?ThanksElise
Hello!Can I adjusted the image zoom size so it does fit the entire page ? So I'd like to reduce the image size of the zoom, it should fit in the screen.I'm using the theme Dawn.Here is an example
Dear PaulI tried this but it doesn't work....Automatically email customers on or after the due date for unpaid orders.What is the due date for a bank transfer?I don't know how to set it up...I tried without due date but the email was never send...Bes...

HelloI have the same request.Did you find a solution ?THanksElise
BOnjour J'avais un theme vintage avant et j'avais réussi en modifiant le code et les snippets de rajouter une option dans le panier pour choisir et payer un supplément pour un emballage cadeau. Aujourd'hui j'ai le thème Dawn et je ne vois pas comment...
HelloI had before a vintage theme and I had a option in the cart  the client could pay to receive a gift wrapping.Now with the new theme Dawn I don't know how to do it.... Is it possible to have this option in the dawn theme?Can you explain me how to...
Hello I have the same question.I was using brooklyn theme and it was very easy but now with the theme dawn I'm a bit stuck.Anyone can help? Thanks
Bonjour Je recherche la même chose.VOus avez trouvé ? Merci Elise
Bonsoir J'ai installé un banner pour le consentement des cookies sur mon site et depuis mes données de visite se sont effondrées. J'ai perdu plus de 50% des stats. Avec la loi Européenne est il possible de sélectionner cette option dans shopify ?Donn...
Hellothanks a lot for your help.When I search into the theme.liquid for UA-83854353-1 I don't have any match.... as you can see on the printscreen. Here are the apps I'm using on my website.Which ones should be remove do you think ?THanks Elise
HelloOn my website I found that I have duplicate tracking code for universal analytics We see that the universal analytics tracking code is stored somewhere on the website but I can't find where.I did check on the page theme.liquid...
this is not online yetI hope you can see it
Hidoes someone as a clue here?Is it possible without editing the code ?THanksElise
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