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Hi @SSebastjan , just to update this. The risk level should be fixed in the API now going forward. Thanks again for taking the time and reaching out to us. 
Hi @shawntaylor , @Illia_Kovtun .. Shopify API-support here. I just wanted to update you that this issue is under investigation with our developer teams now. Thank you for bringing it to our attention. If its allowable to post an update on the progre...
Hi @tianhong , there are no Shopify tutorials for this that I am aware of. I can pass it on as a request to our teams internally. For the moment the best option is likely to be continue using the forums and any available third party resources. Best o...
The subscription requirements are here for that App https://help.shopify.com/en/manual/sell-in-person/shopify-pos/inventory-management/stocky
hi @ShamiqTheDev . There is currently a limitation of 50 Markets on a store. It may be reviewed later if stores appear to require more than 50 markets. However the expectation is that when using Regions and Country Codes to create markets it should n...
Hi @Jacco-V . We have tested this on some test stores and the updates in Scenario A appear to be registering immediately in our tests. It might have been attributable to some jobs delayed in the database during the period you were testing. If you are...
Hi @BackerkitEng , we checked the logs on this and it appears that the move operation was successful and the new location id was changed to the AUS location id 8881930276. It appears that the original location id was the US not the current default AU...
hi @hieunguyenzz , if you are experiencing the same issue it would be very helpful if you could use the bug report tool also. https://help.shopify.com/en/questions/partners#/contact/report-an-issue, The more data and context we can gather when invest...
Hi @SherwynSoff , I can see the request the same as the post was emailed to partner support. The reply they sent on Friday is requesting further details for our team to investigate. The same details that are listed on the bug reporting form I linked....
Hi @gubstav I believe the webhook you would use here is  inventory_levels/update to see the currently available inventory https://shopify.dev/api/admin-rest/2022-04/resources/webhook
Hi @brianh20 If you would like to submit a bug report related to this issue our API team can then take a look and see if this is something we can recommend to our developers for further attention. If you can submit this issue using the Report an Issu...
Hi @Rabbyte , this is likely an issue with Access-Scopes. If you have a x-request-id we can check the log data for you to see if it specifies the missing scope for that store. I can see in some other cases adding additional scopes resolved the 403 er...
hi @tianhong the information in this previous forum post might be useful to you here https://community.shopify.com/c/shopify-apis-and-sdks/stocky-api-for-purchase-orders/td-p/799741
Hi @mhengineering we are unable to replicate this issue in our testing for webhooks create. If you would like to share an x-request-id from your calls we could check our log data for any further details. 
Hi @danielscl This might be something our team can then take a look using internal tools and logs. If you can submit this issue using the Report an Issue Form here https://help.shopify.com/en/questions/partners#/contact/report-an-issue it will help e...
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