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Any updates?  Seems so silly this is not resolved. Seeing the margin at the product creation level makes it so much easier to know if you're charging correctly or not
Thanks Dave I've just checked the tagging that I setup when I posted this and an order has since gone from drafts to become and order and the tag did persist as you said! This should solve my problem, appreciate the reply!
Hey guys I'm having trouble trying to set up a notification and Asana task for my team to order parts when a draft order gets paid. The flow in the picture is not working at all, it never gets past the sub channel check. Is it possible to do a check ...
Unfortunately not. We've implemented an interim solution where when a product is out of stock it will say "pre-order now" instead of "buy now". However this doesn't really work that well
Hello We've recently changed over from square to shopify.  We are a service and repair workshop as well as selling our accessories. One thing square had for their invoices (Draft Orders in Shopify), was the ability to add NOTES to each item that the ...
We use stocky for our inventory management as it is much more powerful than the built in inventory management features of Shopify. Although, I have a problem currently where if a product is marked "continue selling when out of stock", there is no war...
Did you find a solution for this? I am needing to do the same thing
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