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Hey guys, I added the TikTok sales channel on my account, I am in Australia but is there any option to target specific locations or states within Australia? I only sell locally, not nationally....
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Edit. It's fine, dont need it
@TagCo wrote:The exact same thing is happening to me. Both equal transactions but Payout is showing $1,491.02 and Balance is showing $2,649.93. I reached out to support and they tried to explain that it's funds not clearing from the banks yet but I d...
Hey guys,On the 'Payout' page, my 'next payout' is 1,140.94 on 1st Feb but the 'balance' figure on the left is 2,557.06. When you click on "view transactions" on both 'next payout' and 'balance' to see the list of transactions, they're both the same....
Hello, Klaviyo automations does not have advance coupon settings. I need the coupon to expire at a certain day period when the email is sent. I can't have the same end date for a coupon. I need the coupon to end, for example, 30 days when an automate...
Hello,I have an automated e-mail that sends out to customers that haven't purchased for more than than 90 days and in that e-mail has a discount code.Since the discount code does NOT have an expiry date, how can I make the discount code have an expir...
Hello,I got an e-mail to add a DMARC to my account as Google and Yahoo making changes. Link: https://community.shopify.com/c/announcements/google-and-yahoo-new-email-deliverability-requirements/td-p/2367825?syclid=cm34voe5ji7s73c8d8e0&utm_campaign=gm...
Hey guys,I have an automation email and offering a discount for those customers who has not ordered with me for 3+ months but I need to create the discount so it only targets the customer's e-mail.I can't find the segment code for customers that orde...
Thank you!After a few threads advising people can't find it, it's there. Thanks 
Hello,If a customer pays through card online I am charged Shopify Payments fee (1.75% + $0.30 AUD).Where can I see all the Shopify Payments fees from X to Y date? It's not showing in Analytics > reports.And no Settings > Billing is NOT the answer
Hello, How do I make my hero image on my home page have a random image anytime refreshes the page, or the image switches every day, or every few hours?I have the debut themeThanks
Hey guys,I sometimes my page loads for a while but at the bottom it will state "waiting on hwww.enormapps.com/" and I checked the website and looked at their apps but I dont have any of them installed? I tried checking my other apps if there are part...
Hello,I've seen a few webpages with this layout and I would like it as well but I can seem to find the right CSS for it.I only want it for desktop only, mobile can stay.I am looking for the "after" in this picture My website is www.onyxhive.com.au Th...
@fabulanebulae The 'bad' bots could have multiple reasons to scan multiple websites to gain data, we don't know their true intentions, but they could be:- Stealing information such as website design, code, how the website built, customer information ...
Edit: I took away my post I am not interested in people spamming me with freelance work and offering your services.I asked for feedback not marketing offers
@filthyotaku @Carmelo91 I updated the solution@fabulanebulaeshouldn't affect your sales, my store got some sales through and looking at my shopify analytics, its average from the amount of local visitors if you exclude singapore visitors traffic.
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