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hrm, will have to see at what level this is working: the user email or just that conversation, but yes, Thank you Shopify for listening. edit: it's at the email level.  img:tested it with a throw away email and after being blocked the user just encou...
Paul,  That's awesome!  If you have a mailing list for when your Doppelganger upcoming features are released, please add me to it.~Steve
"So merchants should still pursue solutions that are available now that fit their situation." Please, let us know what is now available to do this.
@MC71 @MonsterMawd  Again, Shopify relying on 3P to fill a niche but when that doesn't happen, failing to do it themselves.   I got to this thread looking for the same functionality because our inbox is getting spam and I want to block those senders....
Hi, I'm using the Dawn theme and having a problem with Storefront search.  When searching for products the results displays pages and not just products.  I've tried using solutions from:https://community.shopify.com/c/shopify-design/blog-and-pages-te...
Not sure if this is the correct board, let me know if it's better asked on another. Many times customers are in such a rush to get their order placed that they don't pay attention to what shipping option they've selected, or they just see the $0 cost...
I suppose the question is why was this depreciated?  It's a simple sorting algorithm that any knowledgeable data base manager should be able to re-implement.  
Keeping this very important subject alive.
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