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Bio: Solutions Engineer @ Helium. Theme designer, front end newbie. Shopify Expert since 2016.

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Thanks!I submitted your form, and didn't see any issues. To clarify how these forms are supposed to work:Firstly, your shop admin email (the one that you use to login as the store owner to your Shopify store) is the one that will be getting those ema...
Please share more details about your store. I have a few questions: - Which theme are you using?- What is your store URL? - Were any customizations made or apps installed that affect the theme?  
Hey there!  Doing B2B on Shopify without Plus is certainly possible, and not that difficult if you're willing to put the time into learning some new software. There are quite a few apps that can offer you B2B features, however we've worked with a num...
Awesome! Glad to hear you were able to get it work 
Hey there @saintnoir,To my knowledge, without custom development, those options are what you get with the impact theme.If you're open to trying an app, my team built Meteor Mega Menus. We offer a free plan for text-based menus, and paid plans (with a...
Hey @JoeyRoo,This can be done using product metafields. Click here to see my example. If you aren't sure how to modify or add product metafields, check out Shopify's write up. Make sure to pin metafields that you want to easily modify from the produc...
I should mention that our app offers hover interactions as the default, with the ability to change it to click. 
Hey @xnyjyh, there's no option out of the box for the Dawn theme's menus to open on hover without custom code. There are quite a few helpful folks in this forum that have shared code that changes the interaction, but if you're open to using an app we...
Hey again,The menu is only for the header. Our app doesn't inject code into page templates. You could output a link list though if you're comfortable editing your theme code. I would recommend doing it in a collection template, and using a section to...
Hello there!If you're up for using an app and have collections set up for your brands already, you should check out Meteor Mega Menus - we just released a new feature to auto populate menus with products from collections. If you would like to check i...
If you used PayPal, follow the steps on their docs here and you'll get your money back. 
@brown8075 Our forms can be set up to use the main registration page or using an app block if you want to use it on any page that supports sections (which should be all of them if your theme is OS2.0 capable).  If your theme supports app blocks, you ...
Hi there @brown8075, Sounds like our app would be a great fit. Many merchants have used it for creating family profiles and the like for their use-case. It's called Helium Customer Fields - it's designed to extend the registration form on your custom...
Hey @MerajUddin,  Building this will be not a small amount of work. I'd recommend to use an app in this case. I've used this one before and it did the trick: If time is your ally in this endeavor and you need t...
The browser defaults are being overwritten by theme CSS. This is being explicitly by the theme, so my best guess is that the theme CSS needs to be overwritten.  
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