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Hi @JHKCreate  I would like some assistance please. I am using the latest version of Dawn  
I tried to create in Photoshop what I have in mind. I might be wrong on how to create it, but I think it starts with three basic squares, at least that's how I am trying to describe my idea. Note that fonts, height of the block and the colours should...
@sakinur-rahman the HTML table is located on a page I created. And that page is dynamically linked to a pop up block (Dawn) on the product page, so when you click the pop up link, the HTML table will appear in a pop up. I refreshed a couple of time b...
Thanks for your reply.I have typed it in the format you have specified. The name of the metafield can be seen below. In the product page I have assigned the value of 10 to it.  However, in the HTML table you don't see the value 10, but {{ product.met...
Hello, Consider the HTML table below. How can I use a metafield inside one of the cells so product specific information shows? I have tried using this syntax {{ blabla.my_field.morebla }} but that does not seem work, it just shows that piece of synta...
Hi @Nedsko  Please take a look at the following YouTube video on how to add a video banner to your Dawn theme. in addition for more tips, follow it up with this video:
Also, please look at my other post, that might help as well.
Unfortunately, this does not seem to work.I added a text metafield en copied the key/name to the html table in a new page.Then I added the page as a dynamic source to the collapsible row on the product page.  
Apologies. Here is it
Maybe this video can help you, look at method #3.I have asked a question in the Q/A section on how to add metafields to this HTML table.
Hello, I am using the Dawn 2.0 theme. I have created page with a html table. I have also created a product metafield. I would like to add this product metafield to one of the cells in this table. Is that possible? <table width="100%"> <tbody> <tr> <t...
Found the value in the section.image-banner.css. .banner--small:not(.banner--mobile-bottom):not(.banner--adapt) .banner__content {min-height: 28rem;} Thanks Fro. Np dude.
There is a grey bar under my video banner. This is especially visible in the browser when scaling browser or on the mobile phone.  When I change the min-height lower then 28rem nothing is happening. When I increase it, the grey bar(container) increas...
Hi, As per this code I have added a video looping banner to the shop through the custom liquid block: <video autoplay="autoplay" loop="loop" muted defaultMuted playsinline oncontextmenu="return false;" preload="auto" id="openthinkingvideo"><source sr...
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