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ticket number 30284396
its super frustrating that I am not able to speak to someone over the phone, I'm about to just leave shopify and use a different provider if this doesn't get resolved. The biggest issue I have is that I have not heard anything from shopify over the p...
I still haven't heard anything back from shopify. I used the chat twice and both times they said they would email me... heard nothing back. Now I can't even use the chat to talk to anyone. This is super disappointing 
I've emailed multiple times and still haven't heard back yet. I also did the chat twice and both times they said they had to escalate it and I would hear back... still nothing. Yes, my plan has not expired. I switched to a plan a few days into the fr...
nope, it just says inactive, it won't let me access anything.
I have no option for a live chat, and they have not responded to my email.
why is my store inactive Money is in the acct for the first bill. It won't let me do a live chat only email and they have not responded.  
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