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We are also in need of this functionality, and we would also want to option to apply it to the highest priced item, because we don't want to discourage customers from buying multiple items. I am really surprised that this isn't built into the Shopify...
I was just informed that this functionality was added!!!  You have to go into each of the metafields, and enable them to be used for collections, but after that, they will show up in the list! The only bummer is that the only option you have in the ...
Unfortunately, nothing has changed.   We are pretty much populating the same info in tags and metafields, so that we can get all of the functionality to work. It seems crazy to have to add so much redundant data to our item records. 
Could anyone suggest an app, that can create collection pages, based on metafields that we have assigned to products? We are looking for something that will allow you to essentially create a smart collection, based on multiple Metafields, and ideally...
I am looking to add this same functionality. We are trying to avoid using tags, to avoid duplicate content in our website, and since the Metafields will already be set, it would nice to be able to automate our category creation based on that. I am cu...
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