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I've connected Shopify to our Facebook and Instagram Shop. However, I cannot pinpoint what the issues are for our products. We have a lot of products and I'm not sure which one is flagged. Is there any way to make this easier? Thank you. I appreciate...
Hi,  There is a block in the theme for product upsells and once you added it, there's an option to choose what collection goes to be sold as upsells.  
We have upsell items for all of the products in our storefront. The problem is, these upsells are being bought individually by customers. They search for the upsells on the website then adds them to cart as is.  How do we prevent this from happening?...
Hi, In the Vison theme, Slideshow section, I want to add a text or description under the button. I only know about CSS and nothing about how to add this function. Can anyone point me in the right direction?Thanks. Appreciate all suggestions!
Hello, We are using Vision theme in Shopify. On the Newsletter section, we want to change this "arrow" button to text "Subscribe". Can anyone guide me on how to do this? Thanks! 
Thank you so much. This worked!
Hi, unfortunately I can't as this is something new in our brand that we will launch. 
Hello, I am using Vision theme and want to make the active navigation a different color. Is this possible? Thanks!
Hello, I already have a T&C checkbox in my cart page. I want to add another checkbox right under this one. Is that possible? Thanks!
I have enabled the Cart Drawer Note in my store. When a customer adds a note and clicked the "View Cart" straight away, the note they entered is lost. It doesn't appear on the cart page. However, if they added a note, clicked anywhere outside the Car...
Is there such an app that do this:A pop-up zip code validator where it filters the areas we deliver specific products to. If the zip code entered is not within the serviced area, the customer won't be able to add the specific product to cart. Let me ...
I have a developer who helps me but he's on leave so I tried asking here. Anyway, thanks
I've tried it but mine didn't work. I only know the very basics so I guess I did something wrong and reverted it back.
Yes, I only know the basics though. 
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