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Hello, I already have a T&C checkbox in my cart page. I want to add another checkbox right under this one. Is that possible? Thanks!
I have enabled the Cart Drawer Note in my store. When a customer adds a note and clicked the "View Cart" straight away, the note they entered is lost. It doesn't appear on the cart page. However, if they added a note, clicked anywhere outside the Car...
Is there such an app that do this:A pop-up zip code validator where it filters the areas we deliver specific products to. If the zip code entered is not within the serviced area, the customer won't be able to add the specific product to cart. Let me ...
I have a developer who helps me but he's on leave so I tried asking here. Anyway, thanks
I've tried it but mine didn't work. I only know the very basics so I guess I did something wrong and reverted it back.
Yes, I only know the basics though. 
Hey all. I am using Impulse theme and I want to make the product images under a featured collection clickable. Once clicked, the link should go to its product page.  Here's my store preview: Than...
Hello I am using Impulse theme in Shopify. Currently, there is no "Add to Cart" button for each product, only a "Quick Shop" button. I want to add a A2C button below the products. How can I do it? Thanks! This is my store preview:https://3u2m50r2n6cv...
I am using Impulse theme and Loop Subscriptions for purchase options. I want to show the description of each product under a specific collection.  Say for example: Best Seller Collection (2 product inside). When displayed under the Featured Collectio...
Hello, I am using Pipeline theme and when I preview the store, the Header is not showing. How can I make the Header show? Thanks!
Hello, I am using Pipeline theme. I want to set the navigation bar below the header. This is how the default looks like:And this is how I want it to look like:Instead of the free shipping text beside the search bar, I want it to be the cart button. I...
Hi, Not sure what went wrong but this page looks like this. Appreciate any help to resolve this. Thank you.Here's the store preview: 
Hello, I'm using Shopify Impulse Theme. I'm almost done with designing my store but when I checked, this part, "Password" and "Forgot Password" is messed up. Can anyone help me with aligning it? I've been adjusting the design through the Custom CSS f...
I'm using Impulse Theme and is having problems with one section. When product grid is shown in mobile, the images are so small. I want to show the images on their full width without losing the scrollable feature. As you can see, it shows 2 prodcuts. ...
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