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Hi! Following up on this ask. Anyone who can help? Thank you!
Hi! Yes, I found some tutorials on how to add it. My concern now is how can I align it to the Instagram icon. Or I'd rather change the Instagram icon to be the original colored IG icon so it's parallel to TikTok.
Hi! I want to add the TikTok icon in our footer and link it to our account. How am I able to do that? Thank you!Our website's theme is not a free theme available in Shopify, it was created by developers before. Here's the URL to our website getpoplin... is our website. I'm not sure of there's a 3rd party app used for the cookie bar since this website is just handed to me and I'm not the original creator. Thank you!
Hi! When visiting our website the accept cookies bar appears on the top of the website and it's blocking our header. How can I change or move it to appear at the bottom of the website? Thank you!
Hi! Thank you so much for these resources. 'Will definitely check on them also.1. There's no option to add another button within the theme editor2. I already did add a new menu item in the navigation bar, this is actually the workaround I thought of ...
{%- comment -%}@Anonymous menu {Menu} REQUIREDThe primary menu to use in the navigation list.{%- endcomment -%}<navclass="header-nav"data-header-navaria-label="{{ 'sections.header.main_nav' | t }}"><ulclass="header-nav__tier-1"data-header-nav-tier-1>...
Where can I find that? I only have the header-nav.liquid and general-header.liquid is the store url
Hi! What's the code to add a clickable button on the header of our Shopify website? Here's the website Shopify theme used is Startup. Thank you and appreciate anyone's help!
Hi! is this applicable to the startup theme?
Hi! Our Marketer recommended adding Facebook and Google tracking to the "Get Started" button on our homepage. The "Get Started" button is linked to a web app that is not created in Shopify. Is this possible? if yes, how to do it? Thank you! Here's ou...
The WhatsApp url is invalid. I can't connect to you.
I was able to copy the contents of the sections. This is the screenshot from the old account This one is from the new account already As you can see in the previous account there are text columns with images and home-journey-section. But in the new a...
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