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Hello @webwondersco  Thank you for your reply. I think I have built metafields in my hen party collections page, within the back end of the website, here:    I am wondering how I get the Metafields to appear in the front end of my "hen party" collect...
Hi All, I am in the process of building out my online Party Website, My Party HQ. The parent category pages contain a lot of products, therefore I need my filter options to be clear to avoid overwhelming my customer. I believe the best way to achieve...
Hi All, The H1 Tag on my site is: <h1> Concrete Tables</h1> I would like to update this tag, but I cannot find it anywhere in the Shopify HTML Files.  Please could somebody point me in the right direction? Thanks, Lauren
Hi @KetanKumar Thank you for responding.I have not updated this, it is in my H1 tags on all of my collection pages on my website - here's an example on my Polished Concrete Coffee Tables collection page.
Hi, The word "collection" is showing at the front of all of my H1 tags "collection polished concrete dining tables" <h1 class="collection-hero__title"><span class="visually-hidden">Collection: </span>Polished Concrete Dining Tables</h1> How I can rem...
Hi @KetanKumar Thank you for coming back to me. I hope you are keeping well. The URL is: https://hausconcrete.com/ I haven't added any code in yet.  Many Thanks, Lauren
Hi All, I need to add a H1 Title to my website homepage - https://hausconcrete.com/. I'm on the Craft Theme. Does anyone known where I would find this? Thanks in advance! Lauren
Hi @made4Uo  I think I have done this, please see richtext code below: <div class="{{ section.settings.show_on_device }} page-width rich-text"><div class="grid"><div class="grid__item {% unless section.settings.full_width %} medium-up--two-thirds med...
Hi @made4Uo  Hope you are well  The code that you sent over has worked to reduce the padding on the slideshow sections, but not on the rich text. Do you have a similar fix to reduce the padding on my rich text section? Best wishes, Lauren
Hi All, I am ranking in 10th position for the term "Hypnobirthing Candle". I have a Hypnobirthing Candle landing page (https://aysiya.com/collections/hypnobirthing-candle, however, Google is picking up this page > https://aysiya.com/collections/hypno...
@p1Commerce really helpful, thanks so much!
Hi all, I'd like to add an H1 tag with a keyword to the homepage of my website. I am on Debut Theme. Currently, the H1 Tag reads: <h1 class="h1 mega-title{% if section.settings.text_size == 'large' %} mega-title--large{% endif %}">{{ section.settings...
Hi @LitExtension  Thanks for getting back to me. I'm afraid I'm not sure what you mean. What am I declaring in pagefly-header.liquid?
@made4Uo thank you so much! Most appreciated - you've really gone above and beyond, thank you!
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