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Yes, I solved the issue myself. no support was provided. 
Hello Sir,Can you share with me a sample payload with tracking info and 2 item lines, I am getting a sort of error when loading multiple items fulfillment, it does work for a single item though.Thanks 
So I have a major issue, first when I am running PUT API call to update the product variant ordering this is not working  This is my payload{    "product": {        "id": 6954980671628    },    "product.variants":[{"id":40395023646860, "option1":"TW ...
I just ran the Product with Variant and now getting an error:{    "errors": {        "base": [            "The variant 'Default Title' already exists."        ]    }}
Hi lizk,Here is the BaseURL, I have hide the company infoEven though sent what you typed above but has same result.   
1. BaseURL is a postman variable to the actual URL of shopify.2. I have removed the Cookies as suggested, but now the response code changed to 406 Not Acceptable. I Selected the Accept as application/json and unselect same error  
  still not resolved 
Hi,Thanks for your reply, let me try that, what is wrong with this when you try to send multiple Variant while creating the product Can you share your postman call screenshot, is there anything to do in postman to replicate the error you were getting...
I have this payload and just received the response code 200 and the item is not being created,What is the wrong with this Payload?{"product" : {"published_scope" : "global","title" : "TW Test Boomi Sync Parent 2","variants" : [{"inventory_management"...
the URL is {{BaseURL}}products/6951116406924/variants.json
I am trying to create a new variant and it is not happening.Getting 200 response messages but no JSON object as a variable in postman /{products/6951116406924/variants.json  {    "variant": [        {            "title": "210000011628",            "p...
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