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 i found a good solution for cheap  and easy  to install  it collapses all the menus  only on mobile 
basically you would grab the classes  and add this to them to transition  .grid .footer-block__heading + .footer-block__details-content { visibility: visible; opacity: 1; height: auto; transition: all .2s ease-out; overflow: hidd...
 there  should be a section that looks like this  for your features products. you can choose how many you want displayed  on desktop   
If you have a small budget- shopify has a good library of free themes you can use  dawncraveridetaste and then theres more advanced ones that are premium  like turbo, impulse, prestigue   or you can go fully custom to really build our your brand  
shopify is limited to their blog   pages  but you can turn  your blogs  to a shoify 2.0  to have sections  everywhere 
find the   file:  base.css  and add this at this at the bottom .button--secondary:after { border-radius: 25px !Important; }
go into the pages section  of  your shopify  store  and change the title  at the top  
I found a solution  tutorial that would help
this works great on dawn theme  and i think its what you are looking for
theres a tutorial on swatches  here for dawn theme
i hope this is a  solid solution for you that I found
then the best thing to do is contact shopify support  
transparent nav bars are tricky but add the class {% if section.settings.transparent %}navbar-transparent{% endif %}"> add settings { "type": "checkbox", "id": "transparent", "label": "Transparent navbar", ...
just add the class sticky   id="sticky-atc-{{ }}"
this is happen alot?  sometimes all you have to do is refresh   sometimes this means  that shopify is having an update but your edits are not lost 
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