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Yes that is what we have is Revolut pay, my husband did it a while back and can't remember how he did it so once he remembers i will pass on haha
My husband did it as he is the IT guy but i asked him and he said he can't remember. I will post once he remembers haha
Ok no worries, thanks. Can you let me know if that ever changes?Our shop is   happy scrolling, you'll need a few hours haha
Ok thank you. Is there a way of putting it above credit card and paypal in the other payment part? As you can see below it's right at the bottom and the writing is a lot smaller.We sell many items from kitchen gadgets, car gadgets, gifts for kids and...
hi, i have Revolut as an option on my site now but would like the Revolut option to be the primary option on the store, at the moment it is at the very bottom and you have to scroll down quite far. Below is a screenshot of where we would like it, is ...
That's great thank you for your help I will probably go with the free app option rather than upgrading as our girl who would do that is going on maternity leave soon so i don't want to risk ruining my site hahathanks again for all your help
Yeah i don't have that option at all so i don't think i'm on 2.0.i don't want to hide out of stock products either as i want customers to know what we sell.would updating to 2.0 change anything on our shop? if not i would like to do that please if yo...
I thought I’d try the first option you suggested but I when I go into navigation I don’t have a collections and search filters option, where do I go from here or do I have to do something else to get to it?
Hi Emily,I am in Ireland and soon to be opening our shop up to Europe and maybe even worldwide.I would like to use it as it is getting bigger and a lot people have it, they also have the online card option which changes your number each time it's use...
I would like to use Revolut as a payment option for customers on our store. It is now a registered bank so was wondering if it's easier now? Is there a plug in or an App for it, preferably free? 
Hi, i think we have Boost version 1.6.3We also have around 800 products i think, could be more i'm not sure
Are there any themes that have an "in stock"  in the filter options or is there an app or something i can add to my theme so that customers can choose to only see in stock items instead of having to trawl through all the products? I don't want to onl...
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