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Thanks for this  Just a follow up question so I can fix the quantity of products before giving the discount right? Can I also choose what collection will this discount be applied? 
So I can't give them a discount code since it will apply automatically, correct?  Thanks for sharing this  
This is good, thank you for the suggestion. Just want to ask if this app allow you to use discount code aside from automatically applying the code?
Great day! Is there any discount app that you can suggest that would help put max limit in item? Like I will offer a 30% discount to those who will buy 5 from the collection but if ever they will buy 6 items then he/she will not be able to get it. As...
Great day! I would like to know if there are other methods or apps that I can use if I want to sync some products on my Etsy store? I did find apps on shopify but most of them are paid. 
Great day, I just want to ask if it's possible to add something to the cart page wherein I want the buyer to be able to leave their Instagram handle- so that I can tag them in a story of me packing or making the item. Is this possible?
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