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Hi. You can tag the customers while importing, then just make a segment for those customers that have been tagged. But to create discounts that are customer specific you'd only need the tag I think, segment is optional.   
Hey @paul_n  Integrating segments and email automations in workflows is also in the roadmap? It'd be a nice addition to segmentation
Just seemed to work for me, have you tried a different device or browser?  
Hi. Not sure if there is a good solution. Have you considered importing customers and orders? Customers can certainly be imported, then invited to create an account. About importing orders, I think you would need an app, so you should check with thei...
You should try first disabling the captcha protection in Shopify > Online Store > Preferences > Spam protection, see if it works this way. If you need more info we have an article here
Hi. Store Credit apps usually work with returnshttps://apps.shopify.com/search?q=store%20credit
Shopify Plus has a built-in feature to set wholesale product catalogs with custom pricing.   If you are not using Shopify Plus then you could try custom pricing apps: https://apps.shopify.com/categories/selling-products-pricing-custom-pricing-and-quo...
Shopify recently launched Automatic Discounts, but unfortunately there is no Customer eligibility settings in them (as to apply to a customer segment or tag only).   If you create normal discounts (not automatic) based on customer tags (as these have...
You could prevent a customer from logging in with that email address, but you'd still need to use the option to "Require log-in before checkout" to make sure this customer can't complete purchases. I don't think there's a workaround to that, if there...
We wrote a code solution that may be of help in some cases, it prevents registered customers (with email address) to log in. To read more here You could import those customers with the 'blocked' tag and then they couldn't login (Classic Accounts). Th...
We wrote a code solution that may be of help in some cases, it prevents registered customers (with email address) to log in. To read more here
MMmhh, to do it automatically I'd guess you'd need an app. Otherwise you could try to adapt the flow in this article, so it only triggers for customers with the tag. It requires the customer to click 2 consecutive emails.
Here we wrote a solution without paid apps. It requires the customer to click 2 consecutive emails Yet Shopify seems to limit the invitations emails to 5 per 10 minutes, so we'd recommend you not importing all 10k customers at once
Hi @tracy_davis_au You should try the app in my signature. Customer Accounts Loyalty plugin supports discount combinations, so you can reward customers with points for different activities (purchases, account creation, birthdays, reviews) and let the...
@mhlayf1 wrote:At very least maybe first three orders are full price, 4-10 you get a 5% discount, 11-20 10%, 20+ 20% or similar Have you looked into discount to customer segments? But people complain they are buggy I'm afraid. But you should definite...
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