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I am having difficulty creating a discount.  I am using the option Buy X Get Y.  I cannot select products to add to the discount.  The window opens and allows to me to mark the boxes beside the products but there is no place to actually save the sele...
Thank you for your response!  However, this is not the solution to my problem.  When I followed your steps, my business hours were not found in the notification section.  My time zone is also correct.
I had a customer contact me yesterday concerned because she had received an order confirmation indicating her order was ready for pickup, but since my shop was closed, she wouldn't be able to pick it up and needed her package right away.  The problem...
I am jumping in to this discussion late, but why are people not using fulfilled and unfulfilled to handle "inventory issues"?  I have a brick and mortar store that shares inventory with my online store.  If something drops inventory below zero, the n...
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