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Hey all, Unbelievably, once you turn on EUR for Europe based customers using Shopify Payments, your B2B on Shopify customers also switch to EUR.  This is unfortunate as no international business like this is done in multi-currencies. It's always done...
No, there is no way to do this. I have customer on B2B for Shopify and they email me asking for the invoices every month. It’s mind boggling the back end has no place for them to access previous invoices and download a PDFA, or whatever file type
Still looking for a solution here. Spending way too much to exporting invoices and email customers. I’m still surprised it’s not a native feature. How is it B2B if customers can’t access their own invoices?!? 
Hi JoesIdeas, I do have Shopify Flow, and I know I can tag by source, but it does not work. I used the below Flow but no tags are created. Even if it did work, it wouldn't tag as Google Ads, I believe it would tag as Google, which doesn't help me muc...
Hello Moira, Thanks for the info.  That part we've taken care of.  What we want is to tag Shopify Orders with "Google Ads" if that's the source of the order. 
I would like all orders generated through Google Ads to have a Google Ad tag on them. I've connected all properties > Shopify has the Google app, Analytics, Ads, and Google Merchant Center are all connected. Does anyone have a solution? 
I'm now fully using B2B on Shopify (Shopify Plus), and customer love it, but after each order I'm getting emailed for the PDF invoice of it, which they all need. The system of course emails them the invoice once we've reviewed the order, and added sh...
Hello all, I am an investor in and help operate a fast growing ecommerce brand. We use Shopify Plus. We are using USD globally for our store because where the headquarters is, there is no support for Shop Pay. I want/need to us EUR for Europe, CAD fo...
For anyone else with this issue, I implemented this on my site and it works! It can work on both the Online Store and Wholesale channel if you place it in a Snippet or Template that both channels pull from.  
We have B2B customers on our site that need to know carton quantity, but we can't figure out a way to show carton quantity to only those customers.  Some B2B customers use the Wholesale Channel, some the Online Store. We plan to move all to the Whole...
So one thing I’ve noticed reviewing this is that the drop down for currencies from the GeoLocation app don’t match. For example, for Taiwan, it says New Taiwan Dollar, but when I pick currency for the Market of Taiwan that I created, it’s a different...
Hello all, I would be impressed and amazed at whoever has sorted this out. I've been looking for the right translator + markets + currency solution, and it's not easy. Because I didn't like T Lab, and I'm already a Weglot Pro user, I've decided on We...
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