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I just left Klaviyo for Flodesk. For some reason I found it difficult with Klaviyo, I know that it is ranked very high but I wanted something that would be easy and Flodesk fits my Store. Thank you
I bought my domain from Shopify. Flodesk is an email marketing business. In order for your marketing emails not go into your subscribers spam folder, it is best to authenticate your domain. For some reason my domain is still pending on their end. I h...
My domain is pending for authentication from Flosdesk email Marketing platform. Is there a particular way to do this correctly. It has been pending for over 2 weeks. Thank. you,Mary Lou
I purchased by domain through Shopify and will use Flodesk for my email marketing. How to I verify my domain with Flodesk.  Thank you in advance.
sorry the late reply. Store url:
Arch Type has releasedAdds a 'Text columns with icons' section. I am not sure where to find this column in Editor. This was released May 11, 2022, has anyone had the chance to work with the icons. Thank you Mary Lou
Hi Daisy123,Yes, I found it this morning! Thank you for the info. It did help, but I am a novice at this and it still can be a bit challenging but it sure did help. Thank you again.
When I downloaded to update the Impulse Theme, I was able to manage it in editor, but I noticed that when I go to customize it through the admin- it has a black screen. Is that normal or do I have to contact Archtype.
I updated my Impulse theme and found that the search icon is no longer there? Has anyone had this issue? Also I purchased the theme back in 2018-2019 and I just updated to the newer version. Had to start all over manually.  
One more ?, Since I paid for Impulse will I need to re-purchase or just download.  Thank youMary Lou
Thank you for your help. I appreciate it. In other words it will be like setting up a whole new store as when I first purchased the theme. Again thank you.Mary Lou
I purchased Impulse theme I believe around 2018-2019 and I am not sure how to update to the newer version and for some reason I do not remember if I purchased from Shopify or directly from Archtype. 
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