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Hi,This screenshot is with new email 
Hi,This is screenshot that I used google chrome and I used my another yahoo mail. But still I receive error.
Hi,rn-shop1.myshopify.com this is the store that I cannot use it and for this shop I toke monthly payment and I used razmanoori@yahoo.vomand there was another shop razmanoori.myshopify.com that I wanted to delete it because and the Shopify team has a...
Hi,Sorry I didn’t know what you want?Can you please right me Witt detailsLgRazma 
Hi,Yeah I had another shop with razmanoori but that’s already deactivate I have chatted with your colleagues and the have deactivated that shop now I have just one shop and that’s rn shop and for this shop I used razmanoori@yahoo.com email and for rn...
Hi Shopify Team, Iam razma noori and I have created  an online shop and for this shop I toke the basic monthly payment but it’s fast 1 month I cannot open my account it always comes error your not access to this shop I used razmanoori@yahoo.com for t...
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