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Bio: We are Indonesian Shopify Expert and Partners. We design, build, manage, and maintain digital solutions for a wide range of businesses.

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Hi @AnoukL3us Have you tried changing this setting?You can go to the section settings, it should be in the Featured Collection section. 
Hi @DFU98 Is this the hyperlink you mean?Can you screenshot where the code you placed? 
Hi @VintBazar I think Inter font is good for your website. You can try Inter Bold for the heading and Inter Regular for the body. The font is already in Shopify, you can choose in Theme settings > Typography
Hi @AnoukL3us Sorry but it requires a password to access 
Hi @Nadine10  To put the sort button to the right, please follow the steps below: 1. Go to Edit Code 2. Find the theme.liquid file 3. Scroll down in the file, until you find </head>4. Put the code below before the </head> <style> a.collection__button...
Hi @DFU98 Can you share your website link?Where did you put the CSS code?
Hi @VintBazar Can you share your website link? It would be better if we could analyze based on your brand identity also.
Hi @AnoukL3us Can you share your website link?
Hi @Nadine10 Can you share your website link?What theme are you using?
Hi @nicolewx it looks good on my side, have you tried to update the theme or change some image settings? Try to choose adapt to first image on the banner height settings. 
@bignigga Can you give some screenshots or the error?
@Greggy55 Cool Would you mind marking the post as solved, please?
@bignigga You can try this steps:1. Go to edit code2. Find drawer-menu.liquid3. Add the code below before the two of closed div{%- render 'multi-selectors', locale_selector: true, currency_selector: true, show_currency_flags: true -%} 
Hi @bignigga Can you share your website link?
Hi @Greggy55 Sorry just need your confirmation. I see that the data already shown, have you solved the issue? 
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