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Try this one:<form id="myForm" action="/pages/thank-you" method="POST" target="_blank"> <input type="hidden" name="return_to" value="/pages/thank-you"/> <input type="submit" value="Submit"> </form> <script> document.getElementById("myForm").ad...
How to show subscription prices next to normal in google serp? Is it at all doable?
I try do something like this:let foo = {{ variant.metafields.custom.only_onetime_buy_option | json }};console.log( foo )but shows me Unexpected token '{'
I would like to set 2 values ​​in metafields true false and assign their value to a variable in js. And then if false do something other than true. Just can't get metafields value in .js file
How to extract the metafields value to a .js file and assign it to a variable to use it later in the function and check the true false value?
ok, I have the links pulled out, what next? is there any way to link them to blogs?
I already have 2 links in metafields that I display like this and I get 2 links but how to replace them in blog post rendering <script> let relatedLinks = {{ product.metafields.custom.related_product_with_blog_post }}; let firstLink = relatedLinks[0]...
Now blogs are displayed like this, i.e. globally for all products because I have created 1 template. I would like to create metafields to throw 2 links from each product and call them as blog entries.How to replace it so that when the metafields were...
I would like all currencies to be displayed like the Euro. PLN 854.00 zł
Hello, I have a problem with displaying currencies in cart. When the currency is Euro, it is ok, but when I change the currency to PLN, it shows me something like this. The template is icon and I can't locate the trigger for it.      
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