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@Dev-WR Did you find any solutions? 
Yes we can deploy Shopify php app like just we deploy Laravel project in ubuntu server
@ZiedDams Hello I need same requirements, I need to check the product is coming from which collections. any solution.Thanks
@ntkhiem I created a Shopify app using a php template and deploy it in a digital ocean app platform.but some routes or APIs of the app does not work still loading, app speed performance is very low, I contact digital ocean support team but that guy n...
@aliepenterCan you please send any documentation or resources to deploy shopify app to VPS server  
@ash38I use osiset package to create app with laravel react here is solution link:  
@NightCoder  can find any solutions for deploying app in live server 
Hey everybody. I  build a app using this documentation can I deploy my application in dropletI find many documentation but still I not get proper way to deploy app in serv...
Can you find any way to deploy app in ubuntu server.  
@1080  Thanks for a help, i find solution. 
@sbdevcan you find any solutions i have same error . can you please help me. 
This issue sent by review teamYour embedded app needs to load in  moving to this new domain and all merchants will have access to it, as of Jan 31st, refer to our change for details. To resolve this issue, reference our Setting up protecti...
@1080Thanks you , but that work complete.
@abdul81I need to when user click the reserve button draft order created and decrease item from inventory->I will send the invoice to customer  manually then he will make payment . 
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