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Seems like it could be simple. I would take this but I don't really have time for free task completions right now. Good Luck though!
You may need a developer.Hire Me
I can take a look now. Fixed within the hour guaranteed.Hire me 
I'd also look at your Google Analytics and Search Console data for the last few months (or longer) and see if you can find a pattern of traffic or other activity related to this URL. If you have access logs from your server, those might help too - es...
This request may need a custom developer.Hire Me 
I have had this issue before. I would recommend splitting the files into smaller chunks and then using a tool like gulp to compile them back togetherI'm also a developer who can set this up for you. Hire Me 
I would start by checking the theme code to see if there is any reference to this page. I would also check for any apps that may be creating it.
You can use theto_jsonfilter to convert your string into a JSON object, which will be UTF-8 encoded.
Yes the reason is because the checkout_id is required in order to create an abandoned checkout. The old behavior may have been that if a user went to the shipping method step and then left, we would generate a checkout_id and consider it an abandoned...
If you're based in India and trying to sell to customers in the UAE, you'll need to set up a separate store for the UAE market. This is because each store can only be configured for a single country/region.
{% if collection.products.size == 0 %} {% assign collection_url = '' %} {% else %} {% assign collection_url = '/collections/' | append: collection.handle | append: '?view=all' | prepend: shopify_domain %} {% endif %> <a href="{{collection_url}}...
Should looks something like this.{% if product.inventory_management and product.inventory_quantity == 0 %}<div class="sold-out-badge">Sold Out</div>{% endif %}
Should look something like this {% for color in product.colors %} &lt;div class="color" style="background-color: {{ color.hex }}"&gt;{{ }}&lt;/div&gt; {% endfor %} 
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