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My store link has nothing to do with my question.  
I am creating emails with the internal email app in shopify. My problem is that sometimes I need proof that I sent an email. Such as delivered, opened , clicked.  I see that you can export the email recipients, export, the bounces, export the opens ,...
Hello,I have been talking to BPA Platform .  The company I mention above from UK with location in Atlanta. I have talked to them and they seem like they will do a good job bu...
I have about 100 orders that were paid by check and are now showing as overdue. Is there a way that I can select each one in a batch and mark as paid?   I started opening each one and marking as paid but there must be a way to batch and mark as paid....
I am in talks with a company to do the integration.  They are located in the UK with an office in Atlanta.  I will post back how it goes.  
Is there a way to copy my store so that I can test an app?  A sandbox store? 
I am trying to find a shopify to sage50 app .  Did you find a solution?
Thanks for the suggestion.  I will look at them.  Are you using Sage50?  Thanks.
I am a small business. About 250 orders per month.  How can I get orders to flow from Shopify to sage 50 so that I don't need to rekey manually to Sage 50 . I don't need a lot of integration.  Just orders and inventory.  
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