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In most cases  I can see their names which shows they registered. 
Abandoned Cart not capturing customer details even when I see they have items in their cart. Any suggestion to resolve this would be appreciated. 
Hi, we are having the same issues with our store. Are you available to find a resolution to this please ?
Thank you for your quick response @Shay  What if the registered of the business address is the owner's home address, however the business have a POBox address has been used as store details. In order for the business to apply for the capital funds, w...
Hi, @Shay  Thank you for your responses which I found very helpful in other ways. However, it does not resolves the issues at the moment. I am looking to change the shop owner's address which should be in my personal contact details. However, I notic...
Hello,  How can I change my contact details (Address ) as the shop owner without changing the store details? Any suggestion would be appreciated. 
I thought life should be easier after migrating to Shopify. Life is a lot more complicated. I should have stayed on WOOCOMMERCE. 
Hi,  Thank you for your suggestions. I have done all that, my facebook pixel is connected to shopify and my catalog too.  Facebook is not being helpful. I has noticed that facebook chat has been removed and all the email response I received are all a...
All my products has been rejected by Facebook and ad account  has been restricted. Also my shopify store has been disconnected from Facebook. When I click to reconnect Facebook it came back with error message "Facebook user could not be connected, tr...
Thanks for your responds. When I was running 20pd after with no sales while Facebook pixel is not reflecting on the website after I checked with Facebook pixel . I have removed and reinstated the pixel. Which didn't help either instead, all my produc...
I recently migrated my store from WooCommerce to shopify about a month ago. And since then my conversion rate has dropped. I spent huge amount on facebook ad with zero returns. Facebook is also not receiving sales from my pixel which so strange. I ha...
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