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 Hi! Does anyone know if there is a Shopify app or anyone that makes clean cut out images of products? I attached a reference image 
Hi I recently bought a theme from somebody off etsy. The variant buttons for my colors just show an image from the product. I want to change it to the color/print of each color option for a product. I tried coding through youtube videos but cant figu...
So I just added tags to my products so searching certain items on my site will be easier for the consumer. But theres a problem. For example, when you search "one piece" a couple tops show up with the one pieces. I never added tags to those to indica...
I am on a trial right now for the sahara theme and i love it but i cant edit or delete the newsletter sign up in the footer!! help please! its not showing up as an option on customizer.
Hi thank you for your feedback. so i just switched to the dawn theme and i just changed the code so i can show color swatching on my product pages. that was the only recent change. i figured it might be that, so i went back and reversed the code. but...
I go to my website to select a variant and it won’t let me! Please help it’s urgent:( ,y website is
1. I am having some trouble figuring out how to change the color of the text in the buttons (add to cart, sizes, ect). I want my main text throughout the website to be white and also keep my button's background white with a black text. When I try to ...
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