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Absolutely fantastic work, thank you. From your experience what is a good resource I can use that can teach me valuable thing such as this?
Ok thanks, so I made this change but it seems to have taken away those paramters. How do I get the section id of a custom liquid in shopify?
I am having an issue where I want the css style in a custom liquid section to stay in that section, instead it effects other elements on the page if that makes sense. I am wondering is there a bracket I can put around this css in order to ensure the ...
Sadly this css is still effecting other elements on the page, had it worked for you? This is the css: <p class="moving-text"><strong>testing now</strong> testing scroll css</p><!-- The styles --><style>div {white-space: nowrap;overflow: hidden;text-overflow: clip;}/* Makes the animation pause on hover *...
Hello, so I have added a custom liquid to my homepage and began adding css code to perform a specific design I want. I notice though that this css code is then applied to the whole home page. Is there a way to have it so it only is applied to the spe...
Was wondering if I could edit these pages wanted to add some more content here so it doesn't look so blank.  
Is it possible to use a subscription app and local pick up or is this not currently possible?
I believe I have gone through the process of compressing images, limiting apps and using a 2.0 theme. My sites loads in 3 seconds as gtmetix outlines.  Any resources or help would be greatly appreciated!
Perfect sent you a message, its a link to the theme that has this exported as the link I would send would just revert to the published theme 
Since it is not my live theme I have trouble sending you a live link, is there a way to trouble shoot this? 
Hello so I have attached the original code found on the original site, but I am having trouble replicating this same effect with the new site.  It seems the data is pulled from the files section of shopify and I would like to replicate this Fan Photo...
That code makes the header like this:
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