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Hey,we've got a prospect with a multilingual store. Can anyone explain if the prospect can download the app and it will cover both languages or a separate install is needed for each language?Appreciate any help and advice! Thanks!
@WinxDigital thanks a lot for your help!
Hi! Is there a way to remove password from login page of a dev store? If not, is there a way to write the password on the login page to dev store for our customers to use the dev store as sandbox easily? Thanks!
That is great, thank you!
Hey, we're building a demo store and need to have our widget dislayed on different page layouts and designs our customers might have 9like  one main image, tiled PDP or carousel). Is there a theme that supports such options or we need to develop it?T...
Hey Olivia,thanks a lot of the context! Could you please let me know if there are formulas used for prorated subscription charges when plans change or refund is given  ?Thanks again)
Hey, I'm reading here in the community about transferring from monthly to annual subscription and refunds policy and specific case - the community threads prove to be very helpful, thanks for such a great tool!However, being an app developer and prep...
also interested in the same question, appreciate your help!
Hey,  we are developing an app and would like to have app onboarding with screens embedded into the admin, but now it redirects to dull screen on another page. Is there any possibility to have all screens embedded into the app? Thanks!
Thanks a lot, @hardik355 ! This helps
Thanks a lot, @hardik355 ! But do you do by any chance if there are templates that i could use? 
Hey, maybe anyone has experience with the Plans selection screen - is there a default screen where we just set parameters of the plan, and the design is standard like in permissions page? or we need to design how plans look? (it seems that every app ...
Thanks, correct! we need to crawl images from PDP and product descriptions
Hey, would appreciate if anyone has experience with permissions to crawl seller's catalog via Shopify API. Thanks a lot!
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