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Yes it’s not working on Safari. Do you know how to fix it? Thanks, Renee
I have added Custom Liquid code to my product pages (below product form) to autoplay a video with no sound. Here is the url: The theme is Studio.  Here is the code I used:  <style>v...
Hello! I am trying to add an image to the product page with metafields, that would ideally be displayed as a few words (Supply Chain Journey). Once you click on "Supply Chain Journey", a photo of the supply chain journey would open up.  Any ideas? Th...
Hello! I am trying to figure out how to add some product upsells on the product page, with the ability to add a custom message. I'm using the theme Broadcast (Invisible Themes).  Please see the screenshot for an example of what I'm trying to achieve....
Hello! I am customizing a product page for a client using the Broadcast theme (Invisible Themes) and am trying to show a couple of product add-ons that could either be set up as variants or as complimentary products, with an added charge. They would ...
Hello! I'm having a issue with the product photos, the option to change how the photos display isn't working, it's only showing the photos in the Stacked format - I want to change it to the Grid format. The theme is Broadcast version 5.1.3 by Invisib...
Hello! I am having an issue with my product page, the Grid selection should show 2 photos per row, but after removing the column gaps in the grid photos, they are only being displayed as Stacked. url: https://zcakyiawi1nfekw2-6810304627.shopifyprevie...
That worked thank you so much! Now I just want to enlarge the photos so they look like this:
Hello, here is the preview:
Hello! I'm trying to remove the gaps between grid photos on the product page in the Broadcast theme. The website is not currently live.  You can see the gaps in the photo in the attached screenshot. Thanks in advance for your assistance! Renée 
That worked thank you so much!! You're so awesome!
Hello! I have been trying to move the Currency Selector to the right side of the header under the Login and Cart icons, but to no avail. Here is the site: Please help! Thanks!
Hello, I am helping a client who ships from multiple locations, and for some reason anytime an order is placed, the order notification is sent to both order fulfilment locations, when it should only go to one that is in that specific geographical are...
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