Hi Team, We are developing a payment App. We have followed the steps mentioned in creating an payment app. Now our payment extension is approved. But How do we submit the app for review? T...
Hello, We are developing a payment app and I would like to know how can we implement mTLS configuration before sending the app for review. https://shopify.dev/apps/payments#mtls-configurati...
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Our payment apps need to add support for auth and manual capture along with Void option from shopify.Added the respective urls in extension and i am able to test authorization and capture succesfully from development stores.But I am not able to void ...
Hi @_JCC_ ,Thank you for response.So the abandoned checkout will never be expired?Should we increase our expiry time to 24hours? Can you please suggest?
Hi @_JCC_ ,I am having similiar issue. When we get a payment request from shopify then we create a url & that url will be expired after 30mins, we will process payment if we get request before 30mins & we will not process the request if we get that u...
Hello,We are in a same state.Currently our payment app extension is approved.Can you please suggest how can we submit the app for review?
Thank you for the response will try to handle the same.Do you have any input on MTLS configuration for payment app? If yes, please share the steps.It would be of great help.
Hi Anuraag,We implemented cancel based on the above link. And after redirecting to Cancel_url & if we retry the payment, shopify is not initiating new payment request. Due to this we are not able to proceed with payment after the cancel.
Hello,We do face the same issue with new implementation where as our OLD HPSDK works fine,Any update on this? @Shopify  @Luke_K 
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