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perfect! thank you so much!
Thanks so much, this helped.  I ended up simply changing the "width=" size to just 540 instead of all the variables in the  product-template.liquid file.  It seems to have solved that issue.
Ok, thanks for the great responses. I still don't know how to define my image size.  From the screen shot below you can see that they seem to be loading multiple sizes (?)  how do I choose just one size.  do I have to edit the  image-style.liquid cod...
Thank you so much for all the input. Can you tell us how, or point us to somewhere that explains how to include width and height size attributes on my images? How do I find unused code? Thank you so much!!
Ok, I've gotten to that point but how do I change the link? It currently says: Continue browsing <a href="{{ link }}">here</a>. I would like it to simply redirect to the homepage of https://witchcutie.com/ I tried pasting it in the spot where it says...
I'm using the Boundless theme (supposed to be a faster loading theme)  but my site speed is terrible! I only have a few images on each product and they are not large. Product and collection pages are even worse than the home page.  Am I missing somet...
hello! We are working in "Boundless" and I have a couple of questions. 1. In an empty cart, how do I choose where the link goes on "Continue Browsing Here"? It currently redirects to All Products but I'd like to send people somewhere else. 2. Again, ...
Thanks for the response. I added the code but I still don't see the option to change the box color?
Hi!  I need help or a piece of code to change the background color of the quantity box/field in the cart for the boundless theme.  Thanks for you help!! Era
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