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Bio: First jumped into IM back in 2008, like building businesses both online and offline. Like to learn new things on a daily basis & self development.

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I think it'll bring good impact to your SEO, since doing this will decrease the bounce rate, meaning good on page SEO.if you instal google analytics, you'll see the bounce rate, etc.right?
Ya maybe there's a way to do it without them subscribing/ manually's called: cold emailing.
free backlink/ off page seo can easily be done by telling other blog thaat you hv a cool content, that they might be intersted to tell their viewers about it by linking to your cool content.Easy to understand?note:you need to have the 'cool content' ...
interesting. now, the more you find about something, the more you'll find it. Check on youtube, it's how they operate now.In the future, AI will mix n match the products/ services that are likely to sell to your historical data.make sense?
to target 'browsing' people, the best way is to do automation thru fb pixel.Email automation can be done only to your subscribed list, whether they open email, click/ open link, abandoned cart, finished cart and unsubscribe. Nothing else.
Hi oliviamichaelcoI think you can take the following steps to get indexed in the local serp.#1 claim your gmb/ google business profile, connect with your current website in your profile#2 have 'local address' and physical store address and how to get...
23% open rate is good bro. Just send email regularly, leave the 'unsubscribe' button there.Focus more on the offer you bring, value you bring, and get more people into the list.that's it bro.If you want to clean the list, send the 'mass unsubcribe' e...
Bro, I think it's better if you can spend just 1 hr per day to build your traffic machine for your accessories, you can get into IG free marketing to get free traffic.Be consistent, just 1 hr per day, every single day. Maybe 1 hr before yo...
I think the best way to go with your product without breaking the bank, is to do free content marketing.Use IG, pinterest, etc.YOu get me?Focus on that, don't really rely on SEO since the algo changes every now n then, and it takes more skill to do S...
Bro, it takes a bit work to do shopify with fb BM.First make sure you connect & verify your domain in FB in  shopify setting.After that , then you can do the pixel setup, conversion event, etc. Hv you done that? NOTES:It sounds bad that you burnt lot...
in your case, your website is hosted with shopify.Since you've transfered your .com domain to shopify too, then you just need to connect it.simple bro.Just replace your connection with .com connection in shopify.More question?
running a paid ads clearly needs a skill. If you don't have the skill, better hire someone that has one. Hiring a marketing agency that can't deliver result, maybe you can change to another one.But.Have you asked your current agency, why they don't c...
better open a new discussion
first step is you gotta be specific. Getting help from fiverr, it's like picking a menu for dinner, what you want to have? 
There are a lot of vendors that can do email marketing directly with shopify, but I think the best way (if you wanna get the best result) is via specialized autoresponder/ email marketing company that can integrate with shopify.Installing a third par...
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