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I am trying to make my logo list slide/scroll on my website. I have a debut theme. I have been searching for the code to input but can't find one. Does anyone know how to do this?Thank you!
I am using the debut theme I have my "featured product" on my homepage but it lists all the details and looks very wordy. Is there a way to remove all the details from the featured product on the home page in the debut theme? my website is: www.thefu...
Hello My inventory is out of stock and I am looking to have a sign up form prompting people to enter their emails to get emailed when it will be in stock. Can I do this through shopify or do I have to get an app?  
Hello I am having issues with "text column with images" section on my homepageI have 2 of these sections on my home page, each with 4 images. For the mobile version, I changed the code so that the images are in a row, not stacked.  However, now I wan...
Hello,  I am using debut theme. I was able to make my Text columns with images section with 4 images in a row. But in Mobile, the images look really small. Is there anyway for me to make it scrollable on mobile? So that one image comes up at a time a...
Hello,  I am using debut theme and I have 4 columns with images but i need them to be in one row both on my webpage and on mobile.  My website is: www.thefuzzysprout.com  This is the image of what I need to be in one row.  Can someone assist with wha...
the reference is from the home page of another website. I would like there to be an image on the left hand side, and on the right hand side, I'm hoping to create a drop down menu where someone can click for more info and there a few more sentences th...
I am using Debut themeI have an Image with Text on my homepage  but I would like the text to contain titles, and once someone clicks on the title, I would like text to be revealed. Is this possible to do?I have attached an example (not my website)
This worked! Is there anyway to make the image bigger/longer so it is the same size as the text? or to make the text  size smaller?
Website is: www.thefuzzysprout.com 
There is a section on my shopify homepage that is "image with text" - on a desktop the image is on the left and text is on the left, but on mobile, both are stacked (image is at the top and text is on the bottom). is there a way to make it look the s...
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