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Thank you soo much for your response. I read the article you shared and i have found that i deleted a whole bunch of out of stock items and now have this 404 issue growing. How do you suggest i work around this, as im not even sure where to redirect ...
So true regarding the quest to fix everything.  I have the same issue 18.2 k pages not indexed (for 10 reasons) and 1.9k pages indexed.  After browsing through the list of pages on google search console i found that there are quite a few like the fol...
Hi There were you able to implement this without any issues? are there any other  pages that are build from this path? thanks for sharing mate. This is a pain in the behind. Is there a way to trigger an email to send the discount code after confirmin...
Hello @phil_CM Were you ever able to implement this code after all was there any pitfalls or uses for this page ? Were you able to show the discount button on the landing page ? Where is that data coming from on the lading page it has to be hard code...
I tried this code and it worked. Is there anything wrong with doing it this way? Would it have any sort of negative impact on performance etc.  <noscript> <div class="collection-hero__image" style="background-image: url({{ collection.image ...
<noscript> <div class="collection-hero__image" style="background-image: url({{ collection.image | img_url: '2048x600', crop: 'top' }});"></div> </noscript> <div class="collection-hero__title-wrapper"> <h1 class="co...
Hi i would like to be able to check if there is an image for the collection and if there is then show the image on collection pages and hide the overlay text. Any ideas how this can be achieved. the image below has the overlay. Because there is an im...
Like if there is an image for that collection then display the image if not then display the text which is the collection title.  
Problem is if there is no image for that collection then i would prefer to show the text. Is there a way to remove if only if there is an image present for that collection.  thanksRJ
Hi There Kinjaldavra thanks for sharing. Is it possible to only avoid the overlay if an image is present ? thanksRJ
hi thanks for this code. $pageurl = 'https://apikey:password@your-store.myshopify.com/admin/products.json?limit=250&page='.$i;i am on 2023-10 and i have the API Access Token, Api Key and Api Secret Key. Ive tried combinations but to no avail.  Also i...
I am trying to get all my product id's and variant id's in bulk.  I tried to use this method to get my product id,  https://admin.shopify.com/store/my-store-name/variants.json?fields=id,product-id,price,compare_at_price&limit=250 it gives me the firs...
This did not work. I created an app and created access token and have api key and API secret key. I entered that into the variables above and nothing came of it. 
hi @Aliven when i goto customize theme it returns the following error: Any solution to this issue ? thanksRJ 
@Ninthony Thank you for all your help and this code works well but is there a way to add this code as a section so it can be managed from the customize theme editor ? currently it appears the texts need to be hardcoded and separated by commas. 
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