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Thank you.    I'll review the link. 
Hi Folks: Does anybody know how to implement logic that shows a specific announcement bar but only for a selected page.   The announcement bar then would not be shown for other pages. Thanks, Drew
Hi @Kimi, thank you for the reply.  Yes, it would be very helpful to have a means of subscribing to a feed (like that provided by StatusPage) that would alert me of upcoming changes to the Shopify SaaS platform and/or incidents.    Having to proactiv...
Folks: Does Shopify offer a method of providing notifications of planned maintenance and issues?    I found the site https://www.shopifystatus.com/, but there doesn't seem to be a means of subscribing to a feed such as what other companies provide vi...
@nidhipatel, thanks for responding!  I'll give this a go later today and update this thread with the results.   Peace, Drew UPDATE: This worked!   Here's the code that I added.<!-- Added on June 16, 2022 to properly resize the Android screen to show ...
Hi Folks: Does anybody have advice on how I can control the display of the Log in menu in the Dawn theme so that is properly shows on Android devices?   What we have found is that on Android, this menu is below the visible part of the screen.   The u...
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