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Awesome, glad to hear!
Hi @Manthan What version of @shopify/app-bridge are you using?Thanks!
@dbleeker Hmm, what about with existing stores but `Disable cache` selected in the Chrome Dev Tools?
@dbleeker as the app appears to be working, we've done something internally to prevent the banner from showing up. Please let me know if you're still experiencing the issue!
Hi @dbleeker!Charlie here from the App Bridge team. Could you please send me your app ID so I can check it out?As for the UNPKG link, you can update that to `app-bridge@3` to ensure you're using the latest version.
Hi @gregmaxin The App Bridge ResourcePicker will always pull products from the store that the app is being used on. There is no way to change out where the products come from.I just want to clarify the question. Are you hoping to be able to swap out...
Hi @Ben_Bohra! Charlie here from the App Bridge team. Please contact support and ask them to enable the unified_admin flag for your dev store. That will let you test out your app.  
Hi @ohadsc! Charlie here from the App Bridge team. I've tried loading the Zoorix app on my store and it loads fine for me as well. Is it possible that the Merchant is on a slower connection? There is a timeout in place to identify whether apps are u...
@Kris_Doyle Glad you got it sorted out!
Hi again, @PaolaCastano! We removed a flag on our side as your app is now using App Bridge. Please try out your app on again and let me know if you experience any issues!
Hi @PaolaCastano!Charlie here from the App Bridge team. Could you please provide a link to your app in the Shopify App Store so I can take a look and try to reproduce the issue?Thanks!
That's a great idea! Thank you.It is a bit more complicated, as we have a few packages that we want to keep in sync: app-bridge, app-bridge-utils, and app-bridge-react. Maintaining them as a single version number makes it easier to avoid any version ...
Hi @few_meaning!Charlie here from the App Bridge team. We have a migration guide for upgrading from v2 to v3 on the Shopify Dev Docs here. It should be quite low effort, just a couple breaking changes to the useToast and useContextualSaveBar hooks!Al...
Hi @den232!You can still visit the old Polaris site at If you'd like, please consider sharing some feedback of your experience with the new site by logging a GitHub issue here.Hope that helps!Charlie
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