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Hello! Thank you for your prompt response! Here is what I found in the main-search.liquid section for the Dawn theme:   Is this where I should be putting the code you sent? The structure looks different from your solution. Any help would be appreciat...
Hello Shopify community! I'm looking for some customizing the search results my site: Many customers search for products by SKU # and I'd like the search results to display the SKU # in the preview, as well as the re...
Thank you!! I ended up pasting the code into the Custom CSS section on the homepage header block and it was perfect! THANK YOU!
Hello! I'm looking to do the exact same thing but with a drop-down menu, instead of a link. This solution worked when I have a single link in the last position in the menu, but not when there is a drop-down. Can you please let me know how to fix this...
Hi Miles, this response was very helpful! I had the same issue.  I'm hoping you answer another question. I help manage a Canadian store and for some reason, product prices are showing up as USD instead of CAD in the search engine listing. Do you have...
Thanks @KetanKumar ! I did follow those instructions as you mentioned in your comment in the thread above, and I change the hex code to our branding. I am not sure how to change the hover colour on the button, though. The button colour should be #314... thanks @KetanKumar!
This is very helpful! Is there another line I can add that will allow me to change the hover colour as well? Thanks!
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