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I would like to remove these things from my product page without disabling them as options at checkout. I removed Shop pay but Paypal pops up after. Dont want to remove them entirely. Only hide them on every product page, would like only ADD TO CART ...
On Iphone it is still showing a thing grey line now
Awesome that seems to work, would there be anyway for the text to be highlighted when you click the image?
This seems to get rid of the box however now I cannot click the image to go to the product page
Hello, for my current Dawn theme, on mobile when you click the product image to go to the product, it shows a grey highlighted box over the image rather than highlight the text. Is there a way to move the box to highlight the text? Site ishttps://2t8...
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
It is still displaying the grey box

 On Mobile when you click on the image, it shows a box like the example attached. How can I get that box to be on the title of the product instead

Hello, this seems to work however when you click on the image a block shows over the image, is there any way to disable that or for the block to highlight the text instead
Awesome it works, is there anyway to make it just a little smaller? Or what numbers to I adjust to evenly make it smaller
Hello I made some adjustments to my code to change the layout and now the thumbnail of the products do not link me to the product, they are not clickable anymore. Link to my site is  Any help wo...
Hello I was wondering if someone can provide me with a code to make my image banner button smaller, the positioning of it is fine, it is just a little too big. My site is , And I have attached a...
Hello, I was wondering if there was a way to adjust your code so that I can make the button a little smaller Image attached is an example of how I would like it. And the link preview is how it currently is. For mobile https://szkqzflg19odkkqa-5212015...
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