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Hello, I use shopify nodejs api and regiser successfull some webhooks like product/create or product/update. If I create an product or recieve an update I get the webhook the problem is after 10min or 1min some different I get the exakt same webhook....
Guten Tag, ich benutze die nodejs shopify api und registriere paar webhooks wie product/create oder product/update. Alles läuft auch gut nur passiert etwas komisches. Wenn ich ein produkt update oder erstelle erhalte ich die Webhook problem ist nach ...
Hallo, wollte mehr als 3-4 dropdowns machen aber shopify lässt nach einer gewissen Anzahl keiner mehr an. Hat jemand ne Idee was man dagegen tun kann oder es umgehen kann ? 
Hello, I use nodejs shopify api and implemented it with the auth0 process to get my access token and all works. I also can make api calls to get and read my products. But when I make my api call to get my collections I get 404 bad request. What I am ...
Guten Tag, ich bentuze die Shopify Node.JS Api und möchte Api calls machen mit meinem Access-Token. Es klappt auch z.b kann ich mit dem Access Token meine Produkte bekommen. Problem ist aber, dass ich meine Kollektionen nicht auslesen kann, da ich 40...
Hello, I have an app where users can connect their shops. With storefront I have to hardcode the api key and secret key is there a option where I get the products of the user without the api and secret key because every user has different api keys an...
Hello, I know sites where you can connect your shop and then it creates webhooks. ( So when 100x people connect their shop at the same time at the rate limit are 2 request per second ? how the site owner can...
Hello, I created successfully an app with webhook and I recieve the events. But when I import a product from maybe zendrop to my store I dont get any events. So which webhook topic should I use to listen this event ? I tested this without success: fu...
Hello, I created this webhook:  { "webhook" : { "address" : "", "topic": "products/update", "format": "json", "fields": ["id", "note"] } }  When I create a ...
thanks for your comment. I have to choose a distribution channel. But it costs one time 99$, if I pay this and choose the channel then it would work ?
Hello, Why my shopify app is grey and cannot install it after I created this new app ? 
shopify offers a webhook api for listen to events maybe a product is updated or deleted. I want to build an app where people can connect their shopify store and then I import all products in my database. But I also have to create a webhook for each u...
Hello,I want to create an shopify app where users can connect their shop and if they use the app I want to get their shop name and all products in live sync. So when a user buys anything in their shop I want to get the current stock of the product in...
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