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Are you going to make it available in the future? 
Which GPT4 model to use in Open AI integration to avoid getting this error:  This is a chat model and not supported in the v1/completions endpoint. Did you mean to use v1/chat/completions?: {"status":400,"response_body":"{\"message\":\"This is a chat...
Hi, Working now, just had to change permissions to write_files, read_files, read_products, read_themes, write_products
How to get a file with its ID gid://shopify/MediaImage/XXX with an API query? This only works for product images, but I can't extract another image not assigned to products. Admin API access scopeswrite_files, read_files, read_productsWebhook version...
Thanks for the reply, but I need the event when a gift card is *created*,not sold or used as a payment method. Is there a way to get it?
How to create a customer tag in Shopify Flow when a gift card is created for the customer? 
How to send an email when an order item is refunded in Shopify Flow? What should I change here to send the email?  
Is this query correct? last_abandoned_order_date:<='{{ scheduledAt }}' AND last_abandoned_order_date:>'{{ scheduledAt | date_minus: "1 week" }}' ANDorder_date:<'{{ scheduledAt | date_minus: "1 week" }}' ANDstorefront.collection_viewed(id: 37843373282...
Yes, this is true, not because of the variables but the prompt itself. With 1 example, it works. But still, this is strange. I have tried the same prompt with the same variables in Zapier, and it returns the value from Open AI. Can this be the Flow l...
Their parameters are not big. They have around 10-12 words usually. And the token estimator shows that 1230. So 1999 should be well enough.
Open AI returns an empty value today. Yesterday I tested this with the same prompt and parameters, and all was fine. The Max tokens configuration yesterday was the same. Where might the error be?
I want to check the condition if a text value is between 1000 < text value < 2500 characters. What code I should paste here?
I made a copy of the workflow, and it works fine now. Regarding support, they are time-consuming, and their knowledge is so poor that they could be changed with GPT today. No need to wait longer. So I always think twice before writing there. 
As you see in the screenshot, no logs of the flow are shown.
There is no need for the answer here. Just fix the bugs in your system.
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