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Thank you for your advice. i have added the logo. Really appreciate. 
Thank you for suggestions. here is my
Thank you Lana, business is poor, because it's Christmas time and I cannotget in front of the customers.I have read the policies and every page about it. No Joy.I submitted review request 3 week's ago, no Joy.I think, it's time for Google to get some...
My Google Ad account is suspended, Can anyone please help?I have tried everything, changed pages, changed photos, tried using third party feed. Have submitted an appeal. No response from google.
if importing a phone case which has more than a 100 variants, is there a way to bulk edit the variants and choose the ones i want before i import? or has to be the hard way, 1 by one? 
Hello, is it 1 charge to sell worldwide, or do i need to pay per country? thank you
Hello, Is there 1 charge to sell world wide or do I have to pay per country? Thank you
thank you so much. 
Hello Ahsan, thank you for helping.please see the attached file, that is what i am trying to do. thank you 
i am trying to add to google pages 
is that my html code? thank you
where can i find html code for my website please?
what option to choose? 
I dont want to delete the existing one. i want to add a new one on top of that please
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