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Hi @Nick!I am under 18 and looking to start a Shopify!I’ve followed along this thread and from what I’ve gathered, my parents will only need to have their name and credit card entered, and the rest of the information ( SSN. And bank account) can be u...
Hi @Skye,I understand this.However, I am just wondering if there is anyway to start a Shopify without your parents taxes being affected? i have seen some other threaded reply’s and questions with similar questions to mine, that were answered. however...
Is there anyway to start a Shopify, ( while being under 18) without having your parents pay taxes for you? I would like to start a Shopify, but I am under 18, how do I go about this, without having the income taxes be under my parents name ( and unde...
I was told that the payments account only needs to have their name, and CC, and taxes wouldn’t be charged through there. is there anyways for me to start a shop without my parents paying taxes for me?
If I use my ssn, or buisness license/tax number, will the tax reside under my name?
Hello! I am under 18 and looking to start a Shopify! The taxes can not mess with my parents taxes, and I will need to pay the myself, so, I was wondering if the solution would work.If the owner name is under one of my parents, and the bank account ( ...
I will talk to my town, what people should I reach out too? Town hall, tax professional? I’ll let you know what they say and if I have anymore questions. But just toclarify, the source of income can be my bank account. and as I’ve read, the credit ca...
Hey everyone! Just curious, if you charge shipping, do you still have to pay for a shipping label?   just curious, thanks.    
Wouldn’t, if the account is in my parents name, have the income under there name and therefore mess with their taxes? or, could I put the source of income, (where order payments will be received) as my bank account? thanks again. Lb
Hi. So I am under 18 and am looking to start a Shopify. I don’t want the taxes messing with my parents tax information, at what point on Shopify do you start paying taxes? ( like is there a certain amount earned or..?). also, on top of that, from wha...
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