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Hi @dmwwebartisan , Thanks for your reply.  I looked at this but in my assets folder, I cannot see the file. I tried searching but had no luck. Here is the file I get when I inspect it.
Hi Community,  I'm trying to change the default no image from Shopify, but I'm not able to see the file in my assets folder. I also tried to inspect and I'm seeing this image on the collections page or when you do a search. Is there a way I can overr...
Thank you @LitExtension. for all your help!! 
Hey, @LitExtension I made the changes you told me to and added the code into  product. json and is working. Let me know if this is the place where I had to add the code. Thanks again!!! 
HI @LitExtension, I upload the wrong file, here is the full code. Thanks
@LitExtension here is the code for the multicolumn section. Thanks again for helping me!!
@LitExtension  here is the Screenshot 
@LitExtension I added it in the theme editor. 
 I added here @LitExtension 
Hi @LitExtension, Thanks for your answer. I'm new here with Shopify. Can you point me out where I can add the conditions? I'm thinking I have to add it on the product.json  
Hi community, I created my Metafields on my product page. I want to hide the metafileds that don't have information when the user is seeing the page. See attached screenshot. Im using Dawn Them 2.0 if it helps. I haven't added any extra code to it.  ...
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