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Hi Greg,I am a little concerned that you mention a communication doc as opposed to a support doc.Does this mean that we are going to have our concerns dismissed?I would like to see a doc that explains how we remove this noise from our data so we can ...
Good morning Greg,Without meaning to sound rude, as I don't know where you sit in the hierarchy of things.Has this been escalated or are you the only one firefighting this?Kind RegardsMatt
This has not been fixed as far as we can see.We are seeing an increase in these web pixel manager sandbox indexing errors.Started on Wednesday 8th Feb 2023 with 394 upto the Saturday 8th April 2023 we are now on 17260.
Hi,Is it possible to get customer reviews that have been left on the Shop marketplace app to show on our main Shopify website?We are using the Shopify Review app on our Shopify site.This seems a little odd that we have two separate streams of reviews...
Thank you, Victoria for the reply.The redesigned search does make the search function a lot more cumbersome, just running simple filter and tag searches now takes several steps and click-throughs to do, and then if you want to get back a step it will...
What has happened to the search in the backend of Shopify?I have been having my ear bent by all the staff and my Director moaning that they can now not search for stuff in Orders and Products like they used to because the search look and function has...
I take it you didn't get any answer to this?We are facing the same issue.
Oh and Option Values as well  
Hi, Is it possible to save a new Option Name?I want to save Delivery Type as a Option name so I don't have to keep typing it out when adding new products.  ThanksMatt 
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