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Solved with Dan-From-Ryviu solution. Pasted the coded in Ulti Slideshow custom CSS box and automatically hides the button and redirects to the selected collection.
Hi Dan, Question: after hiding the button will I be able to add a link to the banner?. and where exactly do I paste this CSS code?. Thank you!
Hi Dan, thank you for helping out. URL is
Hi community, I want to remove the button from my main banner slides and link the image itself, it's very annoying and look awful to have a button there. 
Hi Community, I'm wondering how can I choose to sort products by Stock Availability in the Collections pages? In the Collections editor I can only pick to show by name, date, etc, but not stock. My theme is Sense but I guess it doesn't have to do wit...
Hi Denishamakwana, This worked perfectly. Thank you so much!
Hi Niraj, the url is ty in advance 
Hi KetanKumar, The URL is ty in advance
Hi everyone, I'm trying to make my website's add to cart button from Homepage a little bit smaller. Am using Sense theme and for now all fonts are default. Leaving a ss for reference: Thanks in advance!
Hi @Suyash, it's PD: I'd like the search bar always visible only for desktop. thanks in advance
Hi Community, Can anyone help me make the search bar box always visible?. That instead of the magnifying glass icon. I am using the Sense theme. Thank you in advance!
Made4uo, Just wow! this worked perfectly. I am very thankful for the quick and accurate solution you provided. Ty!!
Hi Community, I am trying to add a URL to an ´image´ banner on the footer section of my site but there is no such option to add it. I'm thinking it could be done in the code editor. Can anyone help?. I'm using Sense free theme. Thanks in advance
Hi Beejfarms, It's on "componen-list-social.css" file under the Assets folder. You can also type the name on the search bar. Hope this helps.
Hi ReturnPrime,  Can you tell us what's the file or path to add this code?. Ty in advance.
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