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Hello,I didn’t find a way to create a function that removes a product from cart based on cart value, so I used an app.
Hello @namphan Thank you very much, the code works perfectly and it’s very light in code.I have only 1 and 2 as quantity (unit and pair). Can you please tell me what code lines I need to add to your javascript functions to make the price updating as ...
Hello, I am trying to hard code a free gift above 80€ in cart.I am using: Dawn Theme 7.0.1. I could make the code to add the Gift to cart when the cart amount is above 80€ but I couldn’t find a way to remove automatically the gift when the user remov...
Just found the solution.In case someone is looking for the same use case, I’ve found the app Fast Bundle
Hello,I am looking for an app that can create Kits or Bundles of 5 products, and in the Kit product page, when I click to « Add to cart », it adds the 5 products to cart (5 different SKUs) and not 1 bundle SKU.The goal is to let my customers freedom ...
Hello, I am trying to show a message on my cart to customers only from France.I’ve tried to use a css class to do it but it doesn’t :html:not([lang="fr-FR"]) .showIfFrFrOnly {display: none !important;}Do you have any suggestion or workaround ? What I...
Hello,I would like to add a different image in slideshow for mobile.Here below is the original code of the slide. Is there an easy workaround (in liquid or javascript) to add a condition on width screen and choose a different photo (without media que...
Hello, I am trying to add an upsell of 1 product in my cart page (Dawn theme).I am not very confortable with js and Ajax Cart.I tried to re-use the code already existing in product page and paste it in the cart page code. I am able to view my Add-to-...
@Eric-HAN Oh! always thought that only one automatic discount is allowed. Even with the last update of Shopify, I thought the limitation was removed only for discount codes…I will try this for the coming sales days.Do you also have a workaround to st...
@Eric-HAN Thank you,Shopify allows only 1 automatic discount but this offer requires 3 automatic discounts. Am I wrong ?
Hello,I want to achieve this discount on all orders:20% off from 3 products30% off from 4 products40% off from 5 products I tested a lot of apps to do this. I chose 1 which automatically apply discount codes on cart.But the app is very buggy and I lo...
Here is where you can add the code in Dawn theme:File name: main-collection-product-grid.liquidJust before this code: {%- endfor -%} </ul> {%- if paginate.pages > 1 -%} {% render 'pagination', paginate: paginate, a...
@Krass thanks a lot for sharing this.In Dawn theme, I am able to show the banner as 1 product but when I put medium-up—two-quarters, the banner still occupy only 1 product space.Any idea how to solve this ?Thanks
@kaalTechGeeks No actually, I want to remove from checkout page mainly.
@kaalTechGeeks Hi,Thanks for your answer.But I want to keep PayPal as payment method with ability to select it at Payment step (after delivery information).
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